HARVARD Says Urine on Gay Books Was an Accident

Police have been  investigating how 40 books on gay and lesbians issues were destroyed at a Harvard University library.

The texts apparently had urine poured over them and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

According to student newspaper The Harvard Crimson, an empty bottle was found next to the ruined books in Lamont Library.

The vandalism happened on November 24th and library staff apparently delayed reporting the incident because they wanted to assess the value of the books, which was estimated at several thousand dollars.

All had to be thrown away.


NOW Harvard College library says  it was  not a hate crime after all, but a simple accident caused by a staffer who spilled a bottle of liquid waste on 36 tomes.

Why a bottle of urine was sitting on a library shelf in the first place has yet to be explained.

“This incident was initially reported as vandalism and characterized as a hate crime,” Evelynn Hammonds, dean of Harvard College, wrote Monday on the university’s website. “We have learned this morning that the books, while indeed damaged, were damaged by our own library personnel accidentally spilling a bottle of what was reported to be urine that had been left on the shelf.”


First, how big was this bottle that it spilled and  soaked  some  30 books?

WHY was the bottle in the library, in the gay section?

AND HOW do you just “accidentally”  knock it over and spill it? There was no lid??

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