I’m From Driftwood….The Book!


The acclaimed website “I’m From Driftwood ”  which shares true, first-person LGBT stories from around the world, has just published a companion anthology. The new book, also titled I’m from Driftwood, has compiled some of the most moving stories from the website. The book was edited by Nathan Manske, who launched the web site in March, 2009.

The I’m from Driftwood anthology is available exclusively online through the web site . Book price $15.

“I originally started the I’m from Driftwood web site to demonstrate the wide variety of LGBT people living in America and across the world, especially in small towns,” said Nathan Manske, a native of a small town called Driftwood, Texas. “These honest looks into the lives of LGBT people not only give people a chance to celebrate their lives, but they also inspire others. Since the website began, I’ve received amazing letters from queer youth, telling me how I’m From Driftwood has made people feel a little less alone and a whole lot stronger. I hope this anthology also empowers queer youth and LGBT adults everywhere with the knowledge that they are not alone.”

To promote the 166-page book, Manske and two friends began a 4-month Story Tour this past year, collecting stories and holding readings in every state across America. On January 10, the I’m From Driftwood crew finished visiting all 50 states.

ImFromDriftwood.com offers an astounding variety of true stories and video accounts of LGBT lives, written with candor, humor, tears and bravery. They range from one man’s closeted life in Indiana in the 1950s to another man’s membership in an underground gay-straight alliance in present-day Indonesia. The web site allows everyone to post their personal stories to inform, educate and encourage others.

So what’s next for Nathan and the site? ” So much is coming up!” Nathan told me. ” We still have over 160 Video Stories to edit and post, and I want to still collect a lot more written stories, more Video Stories down the road, as well as get into podcasts, radio, graphic ‘zines, TV, film, etc. We’re becoming a non-profit so are really wanting to make this a long-term project.”

Go buy the book and support this awesome project!
The I’m from Driftwood anthology is available exclusively online through the web site .
Book price $15.

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