EvolutionMan Skin Care for Men – High Quality that Won’t Break the Bank

 is working proof that a modern skincare and grooming collection for men can be polished and sophisticated while maintaining ethical and green formulation, packaging and business practices. 

This new skin care line for men is available  at a mid-range price point without sacrificing high-end efficacy, quality or cutting-edge aesthetics. And  they have Multi-purpose products that are easy to use and will simplify your face and skin care routine.

Cosmetics have been used for as long as there have been men to use them. The association between men and makeup was mentioned in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 23:40), and eye shadow was used in Egyptian burials dating back to 10,000 BC! So this is not a new concept!

For Marco Berardini, founder and CEO of EVOLUTIONMAN, the art of business and business of art are one in the same.

His background in image creation – as a world-class hairstylist, groomer and makeup artist for everything from ads and editorial in the fashion and beauty majors to extensive work in the upper echelons of A-list global celebrity – serves him well as a product developer and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Marco Berardini has lived and worked in every fashion capitol in the world including Paris, Milan, London, New York, Munich and Sydney. Today, he is based in Los Angeles. Marco’s portfolio is available online.


YES! Starting with a clean face is paramount to getting a close shave. Apply Wash & Buff  ( a cleanser and scrub all in one) to an already warm damp skin. Always use warm water as it helps soften the beard and prepares the skin for shaving. Hot water may dehydrate your skin so be sure to use warm water. Wash & Buff deep cleans and removes dirt and oil, which allows your razor to glide more easily against the skin. Rinse off with warm water and leave wet. ($19).

Next, apply a thin layer of the  milky Cleanse & Shave to help soften the beard and add more glide to the razor.
($20). This WORKS GREAT! I tried it and loved it!

And if you live somewhere cold in the winter time, no doubt you’re like me, and  you feel so pale. In the summer most of us sport a natural glow. Have no fear, the company offers  the ultimate matte moisturizer with the right amount of  bronze , to provide a natural looking tan.

Optically compatible with all skin tones, the greaseless and lightweight triple-action formula blends well and stays exactly where you put it. Instantly calms razor burn and irritation to help revitalize skin. Organic titanium dioxide delivers full spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.($20).

Stayed out to late last night? Not getting enough rest and fighting dark circles?  Conceal is a user-friendly tinted cream that blends seamlessly. Whether the goal is to erase signs of sun damage, dark circles, blemishes or redness. ($20).

And chances are if you are over 30, you are concerned about the eye area. Their  lightweight eye treatment Revitalize Eye Gel , has  a matte finish that keeps skin cool and calm. Specifically formulated for the eye area, this intensive treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves skin firmness and illuminates the eye area for a more youthful appearance. Anti-inflammatory agents reduce the look of puffiness. Alpha-hydroxyacids and antioxidants diminish the appearance of lines and dark circles. ($24).

And EVERYONE can use a good lip balm! Both George Clooney ans Conan O’Brien love this pucker protector. The EvolutionMan Lip Balm is made with beeswax, a natural hydrating ingredient that increases skin’s essential moisture. ($10).

Stylish black packaging packed with quality products, that won’t break the bank!
EvoultionMan ! Check it out.

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