Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection Available Now


Todd Sanfield, male supermodel turned underwear designer, phoned me the other day to tell me that his  entire mens underwear line is now in stock and all the images are up on his site.

Scorching hot images of Todd wearing the undies makes me want to go out and buy one of each!

Todd Sanfield is delivering you the most sophisticated, cutting-edge design and the latest trends in his high-end underwear collection. Classy, elegant and most of all sensual can best describe the look and tone of the line. His commitment is to guarantee superior comfort in fit, and to set the standard of ultimate quality and durability.

The line is made with the finest blend of cotton and each pair of underwear is personally designed and inspired by Todd’s unique sense of style and character, which sets this collection above the rest.

The underwear runs $20-$25 and there is also a 24×36 poster available of Todd for  $35.

Todd is in talks with various outlets for carrying his line.
So for now, go to his site and place your order!