Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Les Folies 2011 in Denmark

Kylie Minogue
thrilled fans in Herning, Denmark on the opening night of her world tour this past weeekend,  in what could only be described as one of the most spectacular shows of her career.

Flying angels, mythical horses, water fountains of splendour all housed in a magical world fit for a goddess – this was the stage setting for Kylie’s ‘Aphrodite Les Folies 2011’.  Think Busby Berkley meets Las Vegas! It will AMAZE YOU! Oh, and did I mention, Lots of HOT MEN?!

The groundbreaking set was not the only jaw dropping element of show as Kylie sparkled in a sumptuous collection of costumes designed exclusively for her by the legendary designers, Dolce & Gabbana. 10 dancers and 8 flying aerialists performed their magic throughout the evening, exciting the audience with their skill, energy and flamboyance leaving them gasping in their wake.

On stage Kylie has appointed a large cast of dancers and aerial performers to excite the audience and create a spectacular show during the Aphrodite “Les Folies” Tour. Kylie is a perfectionist and has not cut any costs to make this one of her biggest and best shows ever. The whole production is costing around $25 million and with over 100 crew and 25 trucks transporting the show around Europe, Kylie Minogue’s Show in London O2 Arena is sure to be amazing.

She will tour all over Europe this summer –  Prague, Italy, Germany, London and more. Then in May she will hit the United States. New York, Las Vegas, Texas and California and more.  See all the dates at

 The staging for Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite  show  has cost over $10 million which features 30 high impact water jets, rain curtains, fountains and much more. The water section of the show has been designed by the same engineering team that were responsible for the famous Bellagio Water Fountains in Las Vegas,  so expect to be impressed!   um, Madonna who?

This is cool! 
very limited number of additional Splash Packs Seats are available  at most  European shows, including the U.K.!

If you want to be up close… if you want exclusive merchandise … and if you don’t mind getting a bit wet! … then you want the ‘Splash’ pack!

This very strictly limited opportunity will allow you to enjoy the live spectacular that is the Kylie ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies’ show in undeniably unique style!!

You’ll be located in ‘THE SPLASH ZONE’ – an exclusive, especially created viewing area where you’ll be so close to the stage you’ll feel like a part of the show!

On checking in at the venue you will receive your own Kylie Concert Backpack containing uniquely branded souvenir merchandise.

You will view the concert from an exclusive secured area within the stage area! – (This is a standing only area)  Availability is  very limited – strictly first come first served! Price is about  £250.00 IN THE UK & €250  IN EUROPE. Not sure if it is available in the US yet, or not.


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