Barbra Streisand and GYPSY remake Moving Foward

Earlier this year, Barbra confirmed to the LA Times that she would be doing her first musical since Yentl in 1983 by starring in a new big screen version of Gypsy — it would be a bookend to Funny Girl.

The singer/actress admits the news leaked “a little early” but she is onboard. She tells the Los Angeles Times, “I am not sure about directing it. It may just be too much. I know I will be playing the part.” Arthur Laurents, who wrote The Way We Were for Streisand, let slip about the new movie project, telling the New York Post last month Streisand was in “deep in negotiations to direct, produce and star in a movie version of Gypsy.”

Since the LA Times interview, there has been a flurry of reports and articles stating that Gypsy is dead in the water. Just last week Huffington Post reported it was dead. reports today, that a deal is close to being finalized at Universal Pictures, with Joel Silver as producer and Streisand as Rose. “Multiple sources” tell reporter Mike Fleming that the pending movie deal will give book writer Arthur Laurents and lyricist Stephen Sondheim “strong say” over the screenwriter, director, choreographer and casting of the roles of Herbie and Louise.

Sources close to Barbra are telling me it’s a very active project  and will get made!