SIR RICHARDS the world’s first Luxury and Charitable Condom

Designer Condoms!

What more could you ask for?!

As humorous as their name may be, Sir Richard’s is serious about public health, and social and animal welfare.

The distinctive packaging of Sir Richard’s condoms does more than help the product, ahem, pop out, on the shelf. It is helping to reach consumers who want to protect more than themselves.

The condoms, made their debut in eco-friendly type stores late last fall, and are trying to reach a more receptive audience then your typical male condom buyer. Targeting women, college students and the gay community, Sir Richard’s is hoping to reach a more socially progressive market.

They have  been very well-received by retailers and hoteliers such as The Wynn Las Vegas, Viceroy, Cassa Hotel, and even boutique retail outlets like Fred Segal, Paul Smith & Whole Foods and more.

Not only will the condoms be vegan-friendly, made without casein, which is typically a standard part of the manufacturing process, but for each condom purchased, a condom is donated to distributing organizations in developing countries.

The condom maker is developing partnerships with organizations in Haiti, Thailand and Uganda for donation distribution in those countries. Semi-annually, the company will send a shipment equal to the number of condoms sold in the previous six months to these areas.

Sir Richard’s founder Mathew Gerson, in an interview for Elephant Journal, explained that in recent years, most of the US funds for sexual health in developing nations went toward abstinence education, leaving the global demand for free condoms only 10 percent fulfilled.

While there is an obvious, and great, need for protection in every country, cultural acceptance is a huge barrier that must be treated cautiously. Each of the countries being given condoms will have their own cultural-specific branding and language on the packaging, hopefully easing any remaining stigmas or social barriers.

Sir Richard’s is also aiming to make condom buying more of a fashionable experience here in the US, where the majority of people are sill embarrassed to buy rubbers at their local drugstore.

The company is hoping that the future brings more opportunities to be more than just a pretty face, though. Currently the lubricant is silicone-based, rather than petroleum, and they eventually want to implant seeds in their packaging as well as many other eco initiatives, but FDA regulations make any kind of change difficult in the condom industry. So while their goals are green, for now they will have to make do with providing free protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in developing countries. After all, as they say, doing good never felt better.

Available in Extra large, Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed, and my favorite,  Pleasure Dots!
Compared to most brands I checked, they are actually the same price or a little less expensive. And GREAT QUALITY!  SIR RICHARDS   find them on FaceBook!

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