Will Elizabeth Taylors best gay Friend and Manager Jason Winters get $Millions?

The world was shocked and saddened at the passing of legend LIZ TAYLOR last week.  Whoops. She was never, ever, ever to be referred to as Liz.. She was Dame Elizabeth to everyone, even her nearest, dearest and closest companions. But then, right to the end, the Dame was gutsy, spoiled, foul-mouthed and toweringly sentimental.

Her closest companions tended to be handsome and openly gay — like personal assistant Tim Mendelson, manager Jason Winters and hairdresser Jose Eber.

Now that she has gone, the focus falls on the man on whom she relied in her final years, Jason Winters.

She was so close to Winters — tall, handsome and 28 years her junior — that there was repeated speculation that he was to become the eighth Mr Elizabeth Taylor.

The gossip about what would have been a ninth nuptials (she married Burton twice) made her laugh because Winters runs a talent agency with his partner Erik Sterling. He is said by associates to be ‘100 per cent gay’.

He may yet, though, be the heir to her fortune — estimated at £360 million, which he will administer via a trust to her Aids charity. They met via her work for Aids victims in the late 1990s and their friendship blossomed. She took several holidays at his home in Hawaii.

Her four children — Michael and Christopher Wilding, Lisa Todd and Maria Burton — believe that he will get her cash when the will is read, which could be next week.

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