Stonewall Uprising on PBS beginning April 25th

I am 45 years old. And was talking with a 25 year old the other day, who had NO IDEA what Stonewall was?!  REALLY?!  They should make these kids take a test before they get their GAY CARD!

When police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich
Village section of New York City on June 28, 1969, the street erupted into
violent protests that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they
came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights
movement in the United States and around the world.

Many young LGBTs have NO IDEA, that In the late 1960s, the American Psychiatric Association still classified
homosexuality as a mental disorder, and gay men and lesbian women received
almost universal moral condemnation from mainstream religions. The act of
homosexual sex, even in private homes, was punishable by a light fine, 20 years
in prison, or even a life sentence!

STONEWALL UPRISING was released last year to critical acclaim. It is important film for everyone to watch!

In this 90-minute film, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE draws upon eyewitness accounts
and rare archival material to bring this pivotal event to life. Based on David
Carter’s critically acclaimed book, Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the
Gay Revolution
, Stonewall Uprising was produced by Kate
Davis and David Heilbroner.

Monday April 25th, PBS American Experience will air Stonewall Uprising!

Get a sneak Peak online  and  BUY the DVD soon!