Globetrotting Around the World with Jesse Archer and His Recent Interview with Adaumbelles Quest

 Jesse Archer is an award-winning writer, actor, and director of film and stage.

JESSE  is working his ass off these days!  He now lives in Sydney with his partner, but he recently traveled back to the US for series of projects.

Early April he was in Los Angeles – “I had a great time with the talented cast & crew of Eating Out 4, now shooting concurrently with its 5th installment in Los Angeles.

Nobody can accuse me of not being a versatile…actor.  For Eating Out 4, I did it in the shower! Phillip J. Bartell and director Allan Brocka wrote a hilarious script and I am thrilled to be a part of it. All I’m going to say is *spoiler alert* that I get to have sex in the shower with a much younger man and then get stabbed to death while coming.  It’s very postmodern Janet Leigh. In other words, dream role!

Got to have some wet fun with sexy star Chris Salvatore.”

Read more about Eating Out 4 on Jesse’s site.

Then our bi-coastal Jesse showed up in New York with his boyfriend –  and also with actor/director Casper Andreas –  doing some promotions for the upcoming release of  Violet Tendencies   DVD. (Available on dvd May 24th).  It’s Caspers and Jesses third film together –  and along with Mindy Cohn (Facts of Life) she plays
a woman tries to distance herself from her gay friends in an effort to land a straight boyfriend.

Jesse attended the “wedding” of some dear friends, while in NYC –  THEN Jesse met with his team in  New York to do some post-production of his upcoming comedy about Fire Island called  HALF SHARE.

THEN, I don’t know how he found the time, he chatted with our New York Blogging Buddy  Adam of Adaumbelles Quest.   Jesse talks about “a  few of my favorite things including travel, movies, Angelina Jolie and Smurfette.  Not in that order!”    –  “Travel keeps you young. You’re always discovering new things, like a child, and are able to incorporate these experiences into your life. As a writer, it’s excellent to absorb new influences and inspiration to keep you fresh.”

Read the Interview at Adaumbelle’s Quest!

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