Lady Bunny is Interviewed at Huffington


The ever fabulous Lady Bunny is coming back for another season of RuPauls  DRAG  U – and last week John Gascot caught up with Bunny for an interview that ran on Huffington Post….

Bunny has stood the test of drag-time and continues to entertain the masses with her unique, over-the-top brand of humor. She is back for another season of Drag U, this time with her own “Lady Lesson” segment. All hail the Bunny!


JG: Name three famous women you’d love to enroll in Drag U.

LB: Michele Bachmann! I do give her credit for working false eyelashes more since her campaign began. It seems like she spends more time on her make-up than she does on facts — not that facts ever matter for a Tea Party candidate.

But I think I could create a campaign wardrobe that would really pinpoint her message — I’m thinking lots of straitjackets. I’m surprised that her gay, ex-gay, or shall we just say “flamboyant,” husband hasn’t already suggested it to her.

Justin Bieber. Don’t get me wrong — she’s adorable as the tomboy she is. But as she inches towards puberty, she could totally rock more adult, feminine dresses.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. I love her to death and at the end of the day her brilliant mind and goofy charm would shine forth through any look. But she could be lovely with the right styling. I don’t think she would enjoy this process much, but I sure would.

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