US Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Church of Scotland over gay ordination

 This family is WHACKED! They are now flying to Ireland to protest! Who’s paying for that??  Their faithful followers?!

Members of the notorious Kansas based homophobic Westboro Baptist Church will travel to Edinburgh in Scotland to picket the Church of Scotland embroiled in a crisis over the ordination of gay ministers. The Westboro Baptist church plans on 30 October, to picket Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen which has decided to induct Scott Rennie as the first openly gay minister in the Church of Scotland. Westboro church has also plans to picket the Church of Scotland during its autumn conference scheduled to hold in George Street on October 28.

Scott Rennie has reacted to news of the plan, announced on the website of the Westboro Church, to picket the Queen’s Cross Church.  Mr. Scott Rennie said:

Everyone and anyone is welcome at Queen’s Cross Church – that’s the way Jesus was, and that’s the way we are. If they don’t want to join us in worship and choose to protest, then that will be up to them….I know a lot of people are concerned by their visit, but I am quite relaxed about it…At the very least, it is a good reminder to us all of the dangers of fundamentalism, and the absurdity of where it can lead you.

Members of the Phelps family Westboro Church have been refused entry into Britain in the past on the grounds that they incite racial hatred.

You have got to watch this video from Fox news.