Jay Z Profits from Occupy All Streets Shirts

This is not gay news –
but I feel it is important.

So many musicians focus on luxury, money and opulence. VIP this and that, Rolex, Cristal champagne, Million dollar lifestyles – that most of us, WILL NEVER HAVE. Yet, fans buy their music and attend their concerts, further lining their pockets, making the rich, richer. I for one, am making no more today than I was 10 years ago –  yet concert ticket prices have doubled.

Jay-Z is currently on the Watch The Throne tour, which coincides with
Jay-Z and Kanye West’s mega-selling collaborative album of the same
name. The album has been faulted by many critics
who say that its focus on opulence is out of touch with the current
economic climate. West came under some criticism from the Occupy
movement when he showed up at Zuccotti Park near Wall Street but refused
to comment or speak to anyone about why he came.

Jay-Z  appears to be trying to capitalize on the  anti-corporate greed movement by
creating merchandise to increase revenue at his own corporation, his
Rocawear clothing line. Rocawear posted photos of its “Occupy All
Streets” t-shirts and told fans to get their very own “dope shirt” in
support of the movement even though the company will be donating NONE of
the money from sales to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  

A vocal protestor online named Grim put it best, saying:

Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility
of a hood rat and is a scrotum. To attempt to profit off of the first
important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton
is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as

As much as I think this is a cool shirt – I WILL NOT be buying one to further line his pockets.  I am so sick of the rich getting richer, while the 99% of us struggle.