HIV Positive – Do you Tell? Do You Ask?

A recent article popped up and all this discussion opened up on Facebook. I thought I would share the discussion here.

The article  was  about the spread of HIV. Daniel Rick was been found guilty of knowingly spreading the HIV virus through unprotected sex with another man. Both consented to unprotected sex. 

Rick is the first person in the county convicted under the crime of
felony assault for “knowing transfer of communicable disease.”

I THINK you should assume EVERYONE
is POSITIVE. It doesn’t matter if he asked – or if the other
revealed his status. When you bareback, you play Russian roulette. The consenting barebacking bottom should have demanded a condom. Mr. Day did not lie to him, and say that he was negative.

Always wear protection with a stranger. Period. Even if he says he is NEGATIVE. Wear a condom. Anyone is STUPID to assume
someone is Negative. Unless you see the paperwork for the HIV test, assume they
are Positive. People need to own up and accept responsibility for

According to the CDC about
54,000 people die in the US from Influenza/pneumonia each year. 16,000
die from AIDS related issues. Prosecuting transmission of communicable
diseases is a very slippery slope. With this reasoning someone with the
flu who goes out in public could be prosecuted for exposing someone to a
potentially life threatening illness. Instead of wasting money on
prosecuting individuals, it should be spent on education, so people can
make informed choices to protect themselves.

This is not a case of rape. Or a lie being told. The bottom consented to unprotected anal intercourse.

What do you think?