Uber Sexy Carishma and Glow in the Dark

2011 has brought us  CARISHMA. Fresh on the scene,  the  uber sexy Carishma is a rare jewel in the
music industry. An American-born beauty with an exotic
Indian background, she’s created a fun and flirty pop sound.

At a young age, Carishma discovered her natural abilities and the
joy of performing for others. Her drive and desire inspired her to work
relentlessly to develop her triple-threat skill set as a singer, dancer,
and actor. At age 9, she starred in the lead role in an HBO movie;
by age 10, she won several dance competitions; and by 14, she was signed
to an indie label, recording dozens of songs.

graduating high school, Carishma decided to split with her label after
being accepted to NYU’s prestigious Music Business and Performing Arts
programs. While at NYU, several up-and-coming producers took notice of
her talent, and before long, she gained the attention of renown
producer Timbaland. She auditioned for him at The Hit Factory in Miami,
which resulted in her record, “Keep Hangin’ On” (feat. Timbaland).

graduating, Carishma’s talent has attracted some of the industry’s top
producers and songwriters. She recorded her first single, “Glow in the
Dark,” with hit producer Rodney “Darkchild” 

Jerkins, which just premiered on MTV, and has also recorded with Claude Kelly and JR Rotem, amongst others.

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