Adam Lambert Arrested in Finland – Drank a Little too much!


Authorities were called when the
“American Idol” star  and his HOTTIE Big Brother reality star boyfriend Sauli Koskinen
got into a fight outside a Helsinki gay bar. The two were released on
Thursday afternoon. And they laughed about it on Twitter…..

 Lambert has blamed getting arrested  on a
combination of travel, alcohol and confusion. They boys were fighting in the bar.

Detective Superintendent Petri Juvonen
called a “not very serious incident”.

Now Adam – who allegedly hit people who tried to intervene – has
taken to twitter to give his account of the fight and reveal the
pair have already made up and are “laughing about it”.

He wrote: “Vodka=blackout. Us�blackout=irrational
confusion. jail+guilt+press= lessonlearned. Sauli+Adam+hangover
burgers= laughing bout it. :)”

Sauli also addressed the incident on his blog, writing in
Finnish, “publicity is not easy. But celebrities are only human

Police said the two men were released after a few hours and that
no further action would be taken.