Betty White PUNK’d Show – Off Their Rockers

For More exposure!!

I thought Betty agreed she was  “over-exposed” in 2011?  She didn’t want to work so hard??  Well, she is milking it all the way to the bank!

Forget everything you thought you knew about the older generation.
“Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” takes senior stereotypes and blows
them out of the water with a cast of sassy septuagenarians who are hip,
sexy and ready to party!

America’s favorite comedy sweetheart sends a
fearless band of senior citizens to the streets to pull shockingly
hilarious pranks on the younger generation in “Betty White’s Off Their
Rockers,” an outrageously funny “hidden camera” show unlike anything
viewers have ever seen. White, a seven-time Emmy Award winner, will star
in and executive produce the series, adapted from the hit Belgium
series “Benidorm Bastards.” “People have been telling me that I’m ‘off
my rocker’ for years,” says White. “Now I can prove it!”

From the moment the show begins, it’s clear that White and her gang are
ready to take the world by storm. In the vein of “Punk’d,” the show
delivers cleverly-crafted comedic stunts, candid moments and priceless
reactions captured by hidden cameras.

on NBC  starting  JAN  16th 
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