Stupid Sh*t Straight People Do

Do people have no sense of right or wrong they are drinking? 

Would you help someone, or at least call security if you saw this??

An Alabama Fan Teabags A Passed-Out LSU Fan At The Bourbon Street Krystal Restaurant.

Passed out from something, no one helps this guy. But they all want to have their photo taken with him and abuse him. No one appears to help him.

The Krystal restaurant at the mouth of Bourbon Street in New Orleans is a place where the occasionally odd, bizarre, or criminal
events take place. We don’t know which of these this incident 
is, if not all three. That’s especially given that some people are
claiming the victim in this is now dead,
making the “This guy’s life is
over” line uttered in the video creepy. (Sources are  trying to get in touch
with New Orleans police.)

The NSFW  video is  at  DeadSpin.