Kimberley Locke to star in T Jones film, “Therapy Sessions”

Many of Kimberley’s fans have asked her over the years when she
was going to get into acting.  Her answer to this question was usually “when
the perfect project comes along.”  That script has presented itself to her


Kimberley has signed on to star in the new T Jones film, “Therapy
“.  The film will also star BernNadette Stanis
(Good Times) & Elise Neal (Scream 2, All Of Us) and is to be
directed by Tony Singletary (The Parkers, Married With Children).

The Therapy Sessions is the story of a young woman hemmed in by her
past.  Diane Phillips continues to make the same mistakes in her quest
for love and acceptance.  After getting over her hang up that black
folks don’t believe in mental health therapy, Diane sets out to make a
new path in life. 

But like life can be unpredictable and despite her
best efforts, Diane has to deal with not only past hurts and pains but
the daily drama of being a black woman working in a good ole boys
corporate environment and a love life that is constantly on the skids. 
At the end of each week, Diane seeks refuge in her rocks…best friends
Kissie and Payton and her therapist, Dr. Parkin. 

This project is
a labor of love written over thirteen years ago.  I believe in this
story and I want you to believe in it as well.

T Jones has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $7000 needed to
film the trailer which is an important step to securing funding for the film project.
Pledges can be as low as $1 but some really cool incentives have been offered based
on the donation amount:

They NEED YOUR HELP! They are trying to raise $7000  by  Feb. 3rd.

Please pledge a few dollars to help these important films get made!