Rebecca Ferguson CD to come to US soon!

Rebecca Ferguson is an English singer-songwriter born in Liverpool, who became notable as the runner-up of the seventh series of The X Factor to Matt Cardle in 2010.

She released her debut single “Nothing’s Real But Love” last fall  and entered the official UK charts at number 10. Her debut album, Heaven, was released in Europe December 2011. Now she is bringing her talent over here to the US!

The first time he heard her, Simon Cowell said “That is a recording voice!” and Nicole Scherzinger said, “She is our generation’s songbird.”

During the recording process for her album,  Rebecca revealed that she told label boss Simon Cowell that she wanted to write ALL of her debut album. She admitted that she refused to record material written for her as she wanted to create her own songs for new LP Heaven.

She is quoted by The Sun as saying: “Syco have been really brilliant – as soon as I put my foot down they back off completely. I just wanted songs I’d written on the album. At first I was going into sessions with writers who’d pretty much got all of the songs done already. But I told management they needed to let me write it because otherwise no-one’s going to think I’m a credible artist. Then they let me just go into sessions on my own – I couldn’t believe it.”I told Simon Cowell I was writing my album Heaven”. on 12 December it was announced that Heaven is set to be certified Gold after selling 128,000 in its first weeks release.

Simon Cowell posted on his Twitter account  how proud he was of Ferguson’s album saying, “I am absolutely blown away by @RebeccaFMusic, her album and by her performance. Congratulations!”

Watch for the US release soon!

Rebecca Ferguson