FCKH8 A Valentine’s for Homophobes

FCKH8.com videos have generated over 6 million on-line views and sold over 70,000
T-shirts with $250,000 raised for gay rights causes. The web movement
has recruited over 160,000 Facebook supporters & over 38,000 Twitter
followers to date.

Outrage by hypocrisy of homophobes’ claims to preserve the “sanctity of
marriage” – while not banning straight divorce –  gay activist T-shirt
website FCKH8.com has created another sarcastic Internet comedy video
called “A Valentine’s for Homophobes.” The new video is part of the
“#OccupyValentines” effort and is already viral on Facebook, Twitter,
Tumblr and YouTube with over 140,000 views since its weekend launch.
group pledges 5¢ for each Facebook “Share” & tweet up to $5K as
part of its fundraising effort with proceeds donated to H8SUX.com – a
project giving thousands of free “OK4U2BGAY” T-shirts to teens to fight
bullies and suicide in schools.

Video director Luke Montgomery comments, “This Valentine’s Day we are calling
out the homophobes who target gays with laws to “protect marriage”
while not banning straight divorce. This video really rips apart the
bullshit arguments gay marriage foes use to oppose marriage equality and
has a laugh doing it. It tells it like it is in a non-diplomatic way
that our mainstream gay organizations understandably just can’t.”