Details of Whitney’s Final Hours Revealed

So much is coming to light about poor Whitey’s final days. It’s so sad. It seems she was on a non-stop party roller coaster, by everyone’s account.

First  Questions about her bloody leg and now this comes out – 

I LOVE Stacy Francis, from this year’s American version of X-Factor. singer told yesterday how Whitney Houston flew into a terrifying rage just hours before she was found dead.

Stacy  told the UK/ DAILY  MIRROR “the troubled diva – high on tequila
and champagne – lashed out after accusing her of trying to steal her
on-off boyfriend, Ray J. –  which nothing could have been further from the truth!

Spaced out on pills (?)  and reeling from a champagne and tequila binge,
according to bartenders, the troubled singer suddenly turned into a terrifying monster – as her
demons finally overwhelmed her.

“She was out of control,” shocked
Stacy revealed yesterday. “She put her hand in my face. She was
screaming at me and called me a bitch. She just went crazy – like Jekyll
and Hyde.

“I turned to look at her and she pushed my forehead and turned my face away.”

The whole story is on the UK/ DAILY MIRROR.

Stacy left a heartfelt message on website about the whole incident.

“I grabbed her hand and said, ‘Please don’t do this. You’re everything to me. You’re my idol, you’re a legend.’

“I was crying and screaming out, we were both screaming until eventually we were pulled apart.”

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton is bashing Stacy on his site – saying it awful she accepted money for her story.

Really Perez?

Stacy said she decided to speak out to
break the culture of silence that
protected stars like Whitney and encouraged their addictions. And that
she felt sorry that the people around Whitney did not do their job in
protecting her well-being. This could have all been avoided.

It’s all so sad.