Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells Play Gay in the New Normal

Allison Adler and Ryan Murphy have done it! The Gleefully gay TV makers got NBC to OK a new half-hour comedy show called The New Normal.

Hangover actor Justin Bartha will  play Andrew Rannells’ better gay half in The New Normal, a single-camera sitcom pilot about a blended family made up of a gay couple and the surrogate helping them have a baby of their own.

Georgia King has been cast as their surrogate, Goldie, and, as
previously reported, Ellen Barkin co-stars as her glamorous grandma.

 Insiders say it’ll be like Modern Family, with the gay factor kicked up a notch.

In other gay tv news –

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) will also play one half of a gay couple (to Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie) on CBS’ Partners, a sitcom that centers on one straight (uncast) architect, Charlie, and his gay co-worker, Louis (Urie).