Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Justin Utley began his career as a Mormon-Contemporary singer/songwriter. In 2002, he was a featured performer at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics, and earned numerous awards during his time in Utah, including Best Singer and Songwriter by Salt Lake City Weekly and “Best New Artist” by Indie Review Monthly. The Utah native also composed and performed the theme song to the Emmy Award-winning PBS movie “The Shadow of Light”, as well as other independent films.

In June 2010, Utley released Stand for Something  a single written to inspire and motivate to take action towards securing LGBT equality in America, ending youth homelessness, and increasing community awareness. The single was nominated by the LGBT Academy Of Recording Arts for 4 OutMusic Awards, including Best Songwriter and Artist of the Year, winning Best Country/Folk Song of the Year.

 Justin  released his first full-length studio album in 6 years entitled ‘Nothing This Real’ in November. Utley’s sophomore release follows a string of major market gay pride performances during the summer of 2011 including Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Diego and Utley’s first international performance in Stockholm  Sweden.

An Ex-Mormon raised near Salt Lake City, Utah, Utley is perhaps the only openly gay performing artist to have survived ex-gay therapy, a practice that he vocally opposes. His experience coming to terms with his sexuality and religion have emerged as strong themes in his songwriting and on-stage storytelling.

“I’ve been asked if I could take any of it back, you know, what I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t,” says Utley. “Its part of me, my story, and its been a hell of a journey. And  I’m here to share that.”

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You can download the album at his site or make a purchase.