Gay Music Teacher FIRED TWICE

Al Fisher fired from St. Ann Catholic School and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church for marrying partner.

St. Louis (KSDK) – A music teacher who was fired from one Catholic school has been fired from his second job.

St. Ann Catholic School fired Al Fischer last week after finding out
that he planned to marry his male partner. Fischer was also the music
director at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church in Florissant.

His partner, Charlie Robin, says Fischer will not speak publicly right now.

Some St. Ann parents say Fischer was a popular instructor and didn’t deserve to be fired.


Through Facebook, his partner Charlie passed this letter  on-

I was asked to repost Al’s letter to the parents at his (former) school.
We’re kind of beyond trying to control the message since it’s become a
national story, so do share as you will. In Al’s own words:

Hi there,
friends. I know you have all heard about my joyful news, and my sad
news. The joyful news is that after 20
years together, my partner Charlie and I are getting officially married
in New York City… and seeing a Broadway show! The sad news is that I
can’t be your music teacher anymore. I know many of you are chomping at
the bit to do something, to make some sort of difference in this, and
are looking for a way to do it.

I have some concrete requests and
suggestions. The first is that you read this email a time or two. I am
being careful with every single word, and really want to get my point
across. Many of your kids have been working with “Top 20” lingo and
paradigms. In the Top 20 world they talk about “tornadoes”. This is a
self-feeding growing circle of rage that can happen when people get in
the cycle of expressing anger to each other and dwelling in frustration,
instead of expressing themselves to the people who can make a
difference. I get the love and support behind your anger and this email
circle that’s been spreading, and I invite you instead to take positive
action by writing two people who may have some power to make a change in
Catholic education policy in the future. Letters may be addressed to
Mr. George Henry (Superintendent of Catholic Schools) and Msgr. John
Unger (Deputy Superintendent for Catechesis and Evangelization).

Their addresses are the same: 4445
Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.

Secondly, I ask that you don’t “go
public” or “take it national”. I am in action crafting my response to
this injustice, and I am going to be doing it through my work and
position as Artistic Director of the Gateway Men’s Chorus, St. Louis’
gay men’s chorus. (Our next concert is March 31! Tickets and info at!)

I have a team of pros taking a look at this issue and
crafting how we can best shine a light on this and work to make a
difference. I ask that you let me make the choice of how and when I
respond to this, rather than lashing out to the media and taking that
choice from me. I think the word has been well spread that this is not
the fault of St. Ann School or it’s leadership, and I want to emphasize
that I get that too.

Both Mary Jo and Fr. Bill are still there for me in
a big way. I ask that you help them keep their focus on the things that
are important: the business of running a school, supporting your kids,
and (sadly) finding a music teacher. Please let the reputation of your
school remain strong. Please watch what you say to outsiders and in
public, which is exactly what I wish I had done a touch more of.
Another thing that I think could make a huge difference is for you to
talk to your children about what happened. Social justice is an area of
vital importance to the Catholic Church, and they do great work in this
area. A family conversation about whether or not justice was served here
could be a great thing. I do not want the lesson from this for the kids
to be, “Keep your mouth shut, hide who you are or what you think if it
will get you in trouble”.

In a just world, uncomfortable truths need to
be stated. Unpopular stands need to be taken. Just look at Martin Luther
King. Just look at Jesus. I think the thing I am most sad about is
that I didn’t get to say goodbye to your kids. Please tell your children
that I love them and will miss them. Please tell them to sing out in
Mass. Please tell them that this Friday no one can talk during GO
CRUSADERS. I wrote that song, and I wrote it for them. I want them to be
proud of who they are and where they are: a loving community and a
great school.

And a few more random requests: Give your new music
teacher a chance. They just want to do a good job. Ask your kids to make
them a welcome card on his or her first day. First days are scary. Just
because they do it differently from me, it doesn’t mean it’s worse. If
you hear of any work for a musician or music teacher, let me know. I do
not intend to be a stranger. Peace and much love, Al Fischer