NEWT GINGRICH Vows to End Gay Marriage CHAOS

RIGHT WING WATCH says, “Today on a conference call with the Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition
that included guest speakers Jim Garlow and J.C. Watts, Newt Gingrich claimed
that he will push for not only a federal marriage amendment to outlaw
marriage equality but also a federal law to prohibit states from
legalizing same-sex marriage.

 He claimed that states with marriage
equality are contributing to legal “chaos” and said that “if we are
going to defend marriage in the end it will probably require a federal
law.” After a questioner asked whether same-sex marriage would lead to
people seeking to marry dogs and cows, Gingrich, who on an earlier
conference call described same-sex marriage as “paganism,”
didn’t push back against the offensive comparison to bestiality but
instead blamed the country’s teachers for why people are more accepting
of such beliefs.

Seriously Newt?