Taking IT GETS BETTER on the road with a Theater Project

Critics of the “It Gets Better” message say action is needed behind
those words, and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles has an idea on how.

The chorus is raising money to take the message of hope from the
Internet and deliver it in person to schools nationwide with “It Gets
Better,” the musical.

Six cast members will use a mix of original songs
and ones the students have heard from the radio to drive home the point.
The performance will cap a week of outreach in the community where the
chorus finds people who have posted It Gets Better videos and asks them
to share in person with local leaders and school officials what they
said online.


“We will talk to videos, we will respond to videos, we will talk to
people who made videos and find out how their lives are different as a
result of it,” says Liesel Reinhart of Speak Theater Arts, which is a
partner in the effort, in a fundraising video posted on Kickstarter

So far  backers have pledged more than $25,000, and the chorus has
less than three weeks to raise the $75,000 it needs to put on the
combination of activism and stage shows in school communities all over
the country. 

This is an idea  worth funding!!

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