Jean Paul Gaultier Makes Diet Coke Fashionable, Again

Jean Paul Gaultier
 is going to make
 Diet Coke fashionable!

Diet Coke recently named French designer
Jean Paul Gaultier as the brand’s new creative director. And the first
campaign launched under Gaultier’s command proves his creative mettle
remains firmly intact.

In images shot by award-winning
photographer and director Stéphane Sednaoui, portraits of the
60-year-old’s impish face are strategically placed over those of
(presumably) female models dressed head-to-toe in Gaultier gear, thus
continuing his long history of blurring gender lines with light-hearted
humor. gaultier’s limited edition bottles of Diet Coke will be available
in nine countries in Europe from April.

But the outré eye candy does not end
there. Gaultier can also be seen on screen with chic French marionettes
in episodes of The Night & Day Serial Designer, a new series of
short films promoting the iconic beverage.

We must recognize, as always, we love the
work of Jean Paul Gaultier. His printing has brought a touch of humor
and originality to the American brand, don’t you think?

The New Diet Coke bottles look a lot like his sexy torso-shaped perfume bottles.
The designer’s part-creepy, part-charming Diet Coke ads (in which he
provides much-needed makeovers to hapless puppets) culminated with a bigparty in Paris last night, where he unveiled his limited-edition Diet
Coke bottles.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s history with Madonna is the stuff of MTV legend; her infamous Blonde Ambition-era
cone bras and corsets stand alone as some of the French design
maverick’s most iconic pieces. So, naturally, when he was recently commissioned as the creative director of Diet Coke, he couldn’t help but
reference the pop culture touchstone in the ads.

Gaultier’s first Coca Cola Light commercial follows up from a series of early web ads.
The extended version shows the designer engaged in a
playful, vaguely creepy fashion shoot involving dolls while a remix of
Dragonette’s “I Get Around” plays. At the ad’s end, the new bottles make
their fashionable debut: in breton stripes, bras and corsets, they are
inarguably the coolest way for a beverage to salute pop and high style
in one swoop (or shall we say swig?).

The behind-the-scenes are great!

Fittingly, Gaultier also confirmed today via Grazia that he will be designing costumes for Madonna’s upcoming world tour.