Diana Ross Central Park DVD FINALLY AVAILABLE!

Now, almost 30 years later, I can still say Central Park was one of the peak experiences of my career, an historical event — RAIN AND SHINE.”
 – Diana Ross

July 21, 1983, Diana Ross—already a legendary superstar for more than
two decades—arrived in all her radiant glory on the makeshift Central
Park stage and began singing her heart out, for 800,000+  fans.

From her first number, Diana
had the audience’s love. She wanted to give them her all and she was
well on her way, but nature had something else in mind. What started as a
hair-whipping wind and bothersome drizzle soon became a threatening
torrential downpour.

 Diana—soaked through and through but never leaving
the open-air stage—braved the rain as long as she could, but ultimately
put an end to the show at the halfway mark. Not one to disappoint, Diana
promised to return the next day. And she did! Over the two day event it was estimated that over a million fans attended the two concerts.

 Now, with the release of Diana Ross—Live In Central Park by
Shout! Factory, the entire spectacular concert, and the rain-shortened
concert that preceded it, will be made available for the first time on