JC Penny Keeps Pushing the Gay Lesbian Envelope

At this point, I just think One Million Moms need to get lives.

 The group who calls
themselves One Million Moms, despite comprising only 40,000 members, is after JCPenney  once again, this time because of their recent May mailer, which includes a photo of a lesbian couple with their two daughters.

OMM  feel as if this means JCPenney is somehow taking sides, and they
want them to take a “neutral stand.”

What would those sides be, exactly?
Anti-gay vs. pro-gay? Right-wing vs. left-wing? Christian vs.
otherwise? What these women are missing is that JCPenney is taking a “neutral” stand.

Jenny block discussed the issue on Huff Post.

This is about ignorance. It’s about ignorance about the LGBTQ community.
It’s about ignorance about God’s love for everyone. It’s even about
ignorance of simple commerce.

“If they want our business, then we will
not be ignored!”  says  OMM.

Seriously ladies?   JCPenney wants everyone’s business!