That Ain’t No Man! Carmen Carrera Reveals She is Transgender

A svelte artiste with a body hot enough to ignite jealousy in her competitors,
Carmen Carrera is best known for her roles on 
RuPaul’s Drag Race and
RuPaul’s Drag U
, but few know this sophistic
ated beauty is more than a polished drag queen. Carmen, once known as Christopher Roman, is a transgender woman.

“I am now in the long process of transitioning from male to female.”, Carmen says.
Transitioning is a life-changing decision. It’s empowering. I
plan on finishing the long and risky Hormone Replacement Therapy process, while continuing my work in television and movies.
 I look forward to being a positive role model for the transgender community.”

On  May 4, ABC  aired a special episode of “What
Would You Do?
” In the show’s typical setup with performers
staging a conflict, Carmen plays herself, posing as a waitress at a
restaurant in New Jersey, while a male actor enters to blatantly harass
her in front of the patrons.

As these unsuspecting
people watched the man’s escalating abuse, the cameras capture the
scenario that ensues. Viewers saw more than a few surprises.

is Carmen’s debut as a transgender woman. Though she continues her
involvement in television and remains in demand on the nightclub
circuit, her career has advanced into acting
and modeling. In a November 2011 shoot for W Magazine, Carmen showed off her stunning physique in a Fabulous Fakes ad for La Femme perfume, by
Steven Meisel (Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell).

From RuPaul alumni to social activist, Carmen Carrera has made her mark in the entertainment industry.