Get Netflix to Carry INTO THE LIONS DEN with Ronnie Kroell and Jesse Archer

“Into the Lion’s Den” is a great homo  thriller directed by Dan Lantz. 
The film has  premiered in some cities already –  and now, Netflix is debating on the popularity of it. And if they should carry it, and how many copies to buy.

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The cast includes:Ronnie Kroell (Eating Out: Drama Camp, Bravo’s Make Me a Super Model),  Jesse Archer  (Four Letter Word, Violet Tendencies, Going Down in LA-LA Land),  Kristen Alex Griffith, Jodi Shultz, and Michael McFadden.

This was Dan’s first time doing a LGBT film and it is very well done. Though done on a shoestring budget, the film has  a very high end look and feel.

The storyline – Bored
with the West Hollywood gay scene, best friends Michael, Johnny and Ted
have embarked on a cross-country road trip from LA to New York City.
Though their friendship hits a few speed bumps along the way, the trio
decides to have one last hurrah during their last night on the road.
That’s when fate brings them to The Lion’s Den, a secluded backwoods bar
where not everything is as it seems. …

As the three
out-of-towners toast the end of their journey, someone at the bar is
watching them and setting a deadly trap. Now, as closing time draws
near, a night of unspeakable horrors is about to begin…it’s a  thriller that plunges into the depths of human
depravity. With its unpredictable plotline and raw performances, Into
the Lion’s Den is a twisted nightmare that viewers won’t soon forget.

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Into the Lion’s Den

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