Gay Activist Beaten in Ukraine…New Laws will Make it illegal to be Gay, in Public

Ukrainian Gay Forum leader Svyatoslav
Sheremet woke up on the morning of May 20 looking forward to the gay
pride march that he and his colleagues had been planning for months. The
march was the only public event the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender (LGBT) community in Kyiv had scheduled to mark May 17th’s
International Day Against Homophobia.

By that afternoon, Sheremet was in the hospital with bleeding in his eyes, multiple contusions, cuts, and bruises.

The clutch of reporters nearby witnessed and filmed the attack, which lasted about 30 seconds. 

 As early as this week, Ukraine’s
legislature is expected to vote in favor of new laws that will make it
illegal to be gay or lesbian in public.

Viktor Yanukovych is the person with the power to stop the law in its
tracks. He’s been trying to forge a “special alliance” with the European
Union for years and this Friday an EU delegation focusing on human
rights will visit Ukraine to advance the alliance process.

40,000 Europeans have already signed on to tell Yanukovych to block this atrocious law.
But that’s just not enough – we need to double that number before the
meeting on Friday.  If we don’t push him to speak out now, an entire
generation will be forced into the shadows.

Will you help us reach 100,000 signers around the world in the next two days?
If we hit the goal, All Out will partner with our friends in Ukraine in
a dramatic delivery that President Yanukovych cannot ignore: