House of Boys with Layke Anderson now on DVD

I am in love with Layke Anderson!
 and Benn Northover is pretty delicious as well. 

Finally, after making the rounds at Film Festivals around the world and playing in big cites, HOUSE OF BOYS is now available on dvd!

House of Boys is A glamorous, colourful coming-of-age story that follows the dramatic
journey of Frank, (played by Layke)  a high school kid in 1984 through an exciting world of
sex and music, when his deep new passion is suddenly turned into a
struggle for courage, facing a new disease – the “gay cancer” and
becomes deep, true love in the expectancy of his friend’s horrible death
and beyond…

Written by
Jean-Claude Schlim & Christian Thiry.

This is not one of those low budget gay movies with mediocre acting. House of Boys is top notch with awesome actors!  Anderson and Northover are both quite amazing. And their sexy romance is extremely believable.

 The supporting cast do a wonderful job. Gintare Parulyte is so lovable, and of course, Udo Kier! is Udo Kier! Perfect as Madame!

The NY Times called the film ” a tragedy in three parts” –  but that makes it sound very dark.

It’s a love story.
It’s a coming of age story.
 But true, it ends in tragedy – the story is very reminiscent of Longtime Companion

You can rent it on Amazon
House Of Boys

or buy the directors cut  on Amazon
House of Boys (Director’s Cut)

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