Gay Twins James and Nick Aragon are the Ninja Twins

Even though SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE has an age cut off 30 years old, the 32 year old Aragon Twins got their 15 minutes of fame!

They call themselves the Ninja Twins and were on this weeks SYTYCC auditions in Los Angeles. And these guys are destined for some sort of fame.

Nick, the guy who puts the “Ni” in “ninja,” and his identical partner in
crime, “James” (he’s the “ja”), came to the “SYTYCD” auditions
flaunting their “A-list lifestyle on a B-list budget” and basically
acting like the Jedward
of “SYTYCD.”

 Nigel I think then had the 
brilliant idea to pitch a “Ninjas With Attitude” pilot to Fox’s Mike

 (Nigel’s recent tweet
indicates the latter! Yay!) Surprisingly, the Ninjas weren’t bad
dancers…but at age 32, they were two years over the “SYTYCD” age limit
(Nigel hadn’t believed them when they claimed to be 728-year-old
vampires), so they were disqualified. (“We’re old, but we ain’t dead,
dang!” they protested.) Nigel didn’t change the rules, sadly, but he did
tell them, “You have made this show for me right now.” Now he just has
to make a whole new show, all about the Ninja Twins. Do it, Nigel!