Mars One: Dutch Startup will get People to Live on Mars in 2023

WOW- this is pretty amazing. In 10 years from now, people are going to start a whole new world – on MARS. But they don’t say if any gays will be on the journey to start this whole new world.

A Dutch startup that goes by the name Mars One says it will establish a colony on Mars by 2023, according to the Mars One website.

In 2022, a crew of four will embark on a seven-month flight to the
Red Planet–and stay there for the rest of their lives, according to the website. A new team will make the trip every two years, enabling the colony to grow.

“This is an extraordinary project by people with vision, imagination,” Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft, a “mission ambassador” for the privately funded venture, said in a video posted on the website.

Everything will be filmed and televised as this new world unfolds!

Watch their video  now  at  Mars One.