Transgender Permanent Hair Removal and Finding the Right Electrologist

Becoming the Beauty You Are Through Permanent Hair Removal
Experts Offer Tips on Finding the Right Electrologist for You

As a transgendered woman, chances are you struggle with
unwanted body hair. While shaving and tweezing can be done in the
privacy of your own home, they are time consuming and require daily
attention. Waxing can be done in salons, but requires regular
maintenance and can be costly. Increasingly, transgendered women are
turning to electrolysis as a safe, FDA-approved, permanent solution to
unwanted hair. But, how to choose?

  • Electrologists are held to high standards for quality, yet it’s important for consumers to look for best practices:

  •  Electrologists
    are professionals who have undergone extensive training. In many
    states, electrologists are required to be licensed or certified. Look
    for your practitioner’s certificate to be on display, or certification
    from an electrology school.
  • Make sure the practitioner uses
    needle electrolysis. Some places advertise electrolysis but use a form
    of electronic tweezers or photoepilators for their treatments, neither
    of which offer permanent hair removal.
  • Check your surroundings. Does the office look clean? Are the
    workers professional? If the office doesn’t meet your standards, chances
    are the treatment won’t either.
  • Take advantage of free consultations, when they are offered.
    This is your chance to ask about the number of visits you may need, the
    estimated cost, the practitioner’s experience in the field and any other
    questions you might have. It is also an opportunity to determine the
    professionalism of the practitioner and to determine whether you find
    him or her to be trustworthy.
  • Seek out recommendations from friends who have had electrolysis.

care when selecting an electrologist; the wrong decision can mean extra
treatments and expense. While these tips may amount to more legwork and
research, in the long run, you will be happier with your treatment
experience when you have done some research.

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