Erik Rhodes Dead Today at 30 – Probably from Drug Use

Gays and Bodybuilders
will DIE for that perfect body.

Famed gay porn star Erik Rhodes died of a heart attack this morning at the age of 30.  It is said he died in his sleep. We just saw Erik in May in Chicago. It is so sad.

 Rhodes was a prolific blogger and frequently wrote of his heavy usage of both club drugs and bodybuilding steroids. With a chilling coda, Rhodes’ final Tumblr post cited his most recent steroid cycle.
(see below).

Just 5 years, another model/actor, Brett Mycles died a similar way. It is speculated steroid over use was the cause of his heart exploding.

And what is sad, is I have friends right now, doing the same thing. Their  body is never “there”. Never good enough. Never big enough.
His Twitter has been deactivated. But hopefully his blog will stay up so people can read about his pain.

How crazy is that? That amount of steroid use could kill you for sure!  When will this madness stop?? 2 months ago, he INCREASED his steroid use, because his boyfriend left him for someone BIGGER. So he wanted to be bigger yet!

Rhodes was a legend in the gay adult film world. His fame transcended
porn and he did mainstream modeling (famously appearing in an ad for Loehman’s department store) and sat front row at the Marc Jacobs fashion show.

When someone dies suddenly, there are usually so many unanswered questions. But with Erik, he poured his heart out on his blog. It was all right there.  Was there no one close to him, to help him??

On Gawker this week, they showed postings from Eriks blog – he predicted he would die by 30. It is very very sad no one helped him.

My name is James… I have worked in the adult entertainment industry
for the last 7 years of my life under the name Erik Rhodes.

I’m not sure
how I ended up here, and I don’t know how i have survived this long…
all i do know is that it can a very lonely place and sometimes i need a
blog to get shit off my chest. So take it or leave it… here it is.

(His last body shot he posted, 2 months ago.)