Michael Lucas Does Not Like Muslims and Always gets his Way

“If someone fu*ks with Israel, I fu*k them back,” Michael Lucas told Gay City News. “And I usually win.”

The Village Voice did a great piece this week on free speech and the battle over gay rights.

The quote from porn king Michael Lucas came last year after a small war over freedom speech went down in Israel.

Siege Busters Working Group planned its “Party to End Israeli
Apartheid” in March of 2011 at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, &
Transgender Community Center. Siege Busters had been renting meeting space in the Center—as nearly any community group can—for numerous weeks last year.

But when gay-porn king Michael Lucas got wind of the group’s plans, he vowed to keep them (or anyone else) from criticizing Israel within the Center’s walls. Lucas known for his Zionism and open hatred of Muslims, went about getting the Center to eject Siege Busters. And he won. But only after a huge power struggle  with GLAAD and other groups.

So this week VV  explores the power struggles of the gay movement in a great piece by Steven Thrasher. Check it out!