Salvation Army Still Hates Gays…off the Record

Here we go again.

 I have boycotted the Salvation Army for about 10 years now. And what kills me, are these big companies hate the gays. But they try to keep a “poker face” to the world.  But every once in a while, their true colors accidentally slip out!

I am sure the Salvation Army does plenty of the good for heterosexuals. But the Salvation Army has always been down on gays.

EVAN MCMURRAY said it well, “You know that friend or relative you have, with that one really uncomfortable
opinion on something? Like your Uncle who’s otherwise chill unless you
get him onto the subject of the Fed, or your friend who once read
The Autobiography of Malcom X
and now thinks he can hold forth about How Minorities Work? You know,
the guys who would be fine if they would just shut up about that one

The Salvation Army is like that guy, extrapolated into a global
charity organization. Yes, they ring bells in front of shopping malls
circa November-December to guilt you into giving money to for
poor people, and sell you mid-level “previously-rutted-upon” couches
for prices that should really make you wonder about their level of

The Austalian Salvation Army is apologizing for an interview in which Major Andrew Craibe, Territorial Media Relations Director for the Southern Territory in Victoria told journalists Serena Ryan and Pete Dillon that gays deserve to be put to death, Truth Wins Out reports:

CraibeRyan noted that the Salvation Army handbook cites Romans 1:18-32, a passage claiming that “God’s decree” is that homosexuals deserve death, and asked Craibe if the Salvation Army took that passage literally. Craibe replied in the affirmative, and continued to do so throughout the interview.

In response, Major Bruce Harmer, Salvation Army Communications and Public Relations Secretary for the Eastern Territory, issued a statement acknowledging that Craibe’s responses to Ryan and Dillon were a “miscommunication” that resulted in a misrepresentation of the group’s official teaching. The statement read, in part:

“The Salvation Army sincerely apologises to all members of the GLBT community and to all our clients, employees, volunteers and those who are part of our faith communities for the offence caused by this miscommunication.”

They apologize for getting caught. Pure and Simple. Please, do not support the Salvation Army.