Jack Mackenroth, Poz Army, and Sexy Underwear

JACK MACKENROTH  has been posting some amazing new photos on Facebook this week, and I just had to share some of them!  Jack has such a stunning look in front of the camera. That body! Those eyes!  Sigh…….

Jack continues to travel the country speaking about HIV education and
fighting the stigma. He will be at this years World AIDS conference in
DC on July 20th with the POZ ARMY. (pozarmy.com)
Poz Army is a grass roots movement to reenergize the fight against HIV
and AIDS and to push for a cure. Jack is a “general” in the POZ ARMY
joined by fellow celebrity activists like Olympian Greg Louganis, singer
Jamar Rogers from The Voice, Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race, the
“Berlin Patient” Timothy Brown, who is the first person cured of AIDS,
and many other activists. You can do your part by following POZ ARMY on
twitter @pozarmy and showing support on Facebook.

Jack is in the
final stages of preparation the launch of a dating/hook-up site and
mobile app for HIV+ guys. HIV+ men often don’t feel welcome on the
existing sites and are tired of having to have “the conversation” or
worrying about when to disclose their status. This new site will cater
to HIV+ men and help combat the stigma through visibility. All the
models are HIV+ and members don’t have to feel the stigma of living with
HIV. It goes live on September 1st after beta testing. Unfortunately the site name is still confidential. Check Jack’s facebook page for updates in August.

the site will be fairly simple in order to build membership. We all 
know sex sells so that’s part of it but it will also have a heath and
resource section. As the site grows and we will to build more of a
community aspect where people can chat in forums and we can partner with
other agencies. We want to have cutting edge information on studies and

We’ve also partnered with Dr. Frank Spinelli who is are go
to guy for HIV education. This could have a massive affect on building a
solid HIV+ community of men who have sex with men.There has never been a
site like this before and we aim to hit a million members.

The site
will be free to sign up and members control their content so Jack
encourages everyone to take a look.

And if you are not following
Jack on Twitter--get on it!! He was voted Best Gay Tweeter of 2011/2012
by National Lampoon and one of the Top 10 Celebrity Tweeters by
Metrosource magazine.

He’s hilarious!
AND  Sexy!

Stunning photos by West Phillips