Legalize Love Campaign FREE Bumper Stickers

by the right-wing backlash against the President’s historic support for
gay marriage – and fearful of its impact in giving Romney an edge – gay
Obama 2012 supporters have launched
to generate visible support for the President’s pro-equality stance.
The viral video campaign website’s goal is to distribute 100,000 free
bumper stickers that read “Legalize Love” with the “O” being the iconic
Obama symbol before the election. Free stickers are being offered on a
first-come first-served basis at

 To promote the giveaway the website has produced an emotional viral
video spot that features moving Obama speech excerpts about gay rights,
edited so he is speaking in unison with lesbian and gay couples from all
walks of life. The couples are dressed in wedding dresses and tuxedos
and the video is black and white creating a wedding portrait feel to
bring home the joy of couples in love and the sadness of how gay couples
are excluded from marriage rights.

“The President is sticking up for our families and our free “Legalize Love”
Obama bumper stickers are our way of literally ‘sticking up’ for him in
this tight election.” said Eduardo Cisneros who co-directed the viral
spot with his boyfriend Luke Montgomery. “The website
and campaign video are our way of saying ‘I do’ to his re-election. It’s
all about bumpers for Barack.”

In addition to rallying support for the cause on Facebook, Twitter and
Tumblr for the free stickers, the website plans to hold “Legalize Love”
rallies around the country. Events are being planned at the Republican
and Democratic conventions to both show support for the President’s
position and place gentle public pressure on him to take concrete action
in his second term.

With a goal of giving away 100,000 bumper stickers for free, the website is
donating the first 10,000 and inviting the public to participate in
helping fundraise for the rest. T-shirts reading “Legalize Love” are
being offered on the site starting at $9.99 with each shirt helping pay
for 5 more free bumper stickers being printed and mailed to people who
sign-up at The campaign store also has wristbands,
tank tops, hoodies, yard signs and buttons to help get the word out and
show support for this grassroots movement.

Videoco-director Luke Montgomery (from FCKH8) adds, “A Romney win in November would be a huge loss for equal marriage rights. This is our time, our chance to
join together and make a difference. We hope people are inspired to
share the video and ‘marry’ this cause at”

Campaign Website:

Video at YouTube