Enter the world
         of Hi-Fashion.

 Enter a world so big, so sparkling, so all-encompassing, perhaps it could actually qualify as it’s own universe. Your tour guides, the duo behind Hi-Fashion (Jen DM – vocals, Rick Gradone – everything else you hear), are not content with crafting infectious and delicious ElectroPop songs, which would likely be enough for most mortal artists. Hi-Fashion voraciously creates their entire world, sculpting the landscape with a dozen dancers’ bodies at live performances as videos projected on venue walls provide the horizon. As they appeal to all of your senses at each show, Hi-Fashion invites you to seek residence in their world.

Since the release of their first single, “Amazing!,” Hi-Fashion has become an ElectroPop force to be reckoned with, trampling everything in their path beneath overly decorated shoes. Perez Hilton has been raving about the band, saying “Like the old school electroclash days, they remind us of Chicks On Speed and Miss Kittin.” He went on to reach out to the band, asking to include “Amazing!” on an upcoming compilation album. Drawing comparisons to Scissor Sisters, Grace Jones, and Peaches, Hi-Fashion was also invited to perform at the 2012 Pride celebrations in both LA and Seattle. ABSOLUT Vodka selected the band to perform at their 30th anniversary party, flying Rick and Jen with a plethora of dancers from their current home of LA to NYC for the celebration.

Released in July of 2011, Hi-Fashion’s debut EP Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion continued to burn the spark ignited with “Amazing!” In addition to that single, the EP offered up both “I’m Not Madonna” and “You Tuk My Luk,” which have spawned numerous remixes, accompanied by videos virally plastered across the web.

This summer, Hi-Fashion drops a brand new single, “Special Delivery.” Like its predecessors, the song will be released along with an out of this world, not to be forgotten music video, and DJs are already working on remixes. With thumping disco-throwback synth grooves and falsetto “Oh yeahs” backing Jen’s sultry promises of “Special Delivery Love,” the track is sure to be providing the soundtrack for gyrating dance parties all sweaty summer long.