Kellan Lutz is a Big Hot Straight Bullied Man in “Love is All You Need?”

Imagine a world where gays were 90% and the straight were 10%?!

If a straight person could do that for a day, walk a mile in our shoes, maybe then the right wingers would get it!

The plot for Kim Rocco Shields’ new indie drama Love Is All You Need? has the story taking place in a  world  where
homosexuality is considered the norm and a plot that involves a man and a
woman engaging in a secret romance. Hiding in the closet!

Twilight star and major hottie  Kellan Lutz has reportedly signed on for a role in the WingSpan Pictures drama.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that Lutz has joined Love Is All You Need?,
along with Camilla Belle (who is in final negotiations).

Based on a
short by Shields with the feature script co-written by David Tillman,
the film, which follows several storylines set in a world where
homosexuality is considered the norm (from the short film’s website,
the tagline is “…Where ‘gay’ was ‘straight’ – and ‘straight’ was
‘gay’”), will have Lutz and Belle playing an aspiring journalist and a
popular star quarterback respectively.

They apparently form a secret,
romantic relationship which eventually goes public, resulting in them
being bullied.

The trailer, shows a young straight girl being bullied by a bunch of gays. The gays paint GOD HATES STRAIGHTS on someones garage; they write HETERO on the young girls forehead; and she wonders, why she was born that way, and not Gay, where everything would be normal!

It’s a wonderful concept!  I can not wait!!