I Want My RENOVA Sexy Toilet Paper from Portugal

I want RENOVA!!


Renova Fraîcheur is a pioneer
generation of toilet paper thanks to its active softness. Tiny drops of
rich cream envelop the fibres of this tissue paper, enriching its
structure with moisturising compounds.

Soft fibres start off the process, by cleaning your skin, causing this contact to release a soft moisturising cream.

This “luxury” brand called Renova from Spain, takes a more fashionista and sexual approach than the majority of other toilet paper brands.   VERY HOT AND SEXY – plus, they say it is the softest paper ever made for your bum! They even have BLACK toilet paper!  Whats really cool  also is they sell it in places like subway stations and other large public spots so you can grab some rolls on the go!  A Portuguese brand.