Madonna Fined $17,000 from St. Petersburg

Madonna may no longer be relevant to the younger
generations, but the old gal still has it and knows how to stir the pot!

Aging Russian government officials were prepared for Madonna this week and knew she would most likely share her views homosexuality.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister
Dmitry Rogozin has penned an offensive tweet ostensibly about Madonna (she’s skillfully left unnamed) in the wake of Madge’s outspoken words of support for the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.
“Every former w. wants to give lectures on morality when she grows
old,” Rogozin writes. “Especially during foreign tours.” The Associated
Press says, “By ‘w.’ he apparently meant ‘whore.’ “

On Tuesday, Madonna saluted the all-female Pussy Riot in her Moscrow
concert. The Russian trio is on trial for staging a protest against
President Vladimir Putin. And Madge spoke out against the city’s harsh new anti-gay laws, which penalize speaking about homosexuality around minors.

“I know there are many sides to every story, and I mean no disrespect to
the church or the government. But I think that these three girls —
Masha, Katya, Nadya — I think that they have done something courageous. I
think they have paid the price for this act. And I pray for their
freedom,” she said, according to the New York Times.

Madonna faces a fine for her violating St. Petersburg, Russia’s ban on ‘gay propaganda’ for the demonstration at her concert yesterday, according to reports from activists in the country.

Said Polina Savchenko, director of the St. Petersburg LGBT group, Coming Out, in an email obtained by Towleroad:

LGBT organization Coming Out, printed 330
rainbow posters with the saying “No Fear” that were distributed to the
crowd. Although some posters were confiscated by security, their display
had a huge emotional effect during the show. Many fans raised them
during Madonna’s speech, and she reacted by saying “No Fear, that’s
right” before insisting that fear was the basis of all discrimination,
and that tolerance could only be guaranteed by love, the opposite of
fear. During the performance of “Like A Prayer”, while dancers were
raising a rainbow flag provided by a member of Coming Out and the
Russian LGBT Network, Madonna took a “No Fear” poster from the crowd and
raised it for 25,000 people to see. Same as for “Pussy Riot” support in
Moscow, she had tattooed her back, this time with “No Fear.” Gay
bashing scenes from gay demonstrations in Russia, pictures of teenagers
who died because of homophobia, and many gay and lesbian kisses were
shown during the very political “Nobody Knows Me” Interlude Video.

support was extremely moving. Most of the mostly heterosexual crowd
reacted positively to her message by raising pink wristbands that were
distributed to everyone to support the LGBT community. The LGBT in the
audience received Madonna’s support with both smiles and tears, and
gratified her with the universal message “We love you” at the end of the

Author of the “propaganda” law in St. Petersburg, Vitaly
Milonov (pictured) today declared that Madonna broke the law and is
planning to charge her with a fine of 500,000 rubles ($17 000).