Matthew Mitcham and Tom Dailey Hot Male SexPots

 How sexy can these boys get?!
They are just a Speedo full of….sex!

Matthew Mitcham Promises to Dive Naked

 If He Wins Gold

The Men’s 10-meter Platform just became must see TV

If you’re still unsure of who to root for in the Men’s 10-meter
platform event, let me help you out; Mitcham. While you may be tempted
to root for your own country, consider the fact that if the Aussie wins
gold he promised, via Twitter, to dive naked off the 10m platform.

I realize this event does offer a tough choice, I mean it’s tough to
choose between Australia’s Matthew Mitcham and Britain’s Tom Daley? They
both have gorgeous swimmer’s builds, sexy accents, and the ability to
fill out a Speedo.

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