La Soiree in Australia

THEATRE as you have never seen it!
 Up close and personal.
Sexy. Funny. Beautiful. Eye Popping! 

“Whether you’re new to La Soirée, or returning,
sozzled, for the umpteenth time, it’s something you won’t find elsewhere
in the mainstream: variety that’s genuinely varied – and burlesque with

Time Out Magazine

Denis Lock and Hamish McCann are two delightful and devilish “English” gentlemen who perform inconceivable feats of acrobatic skill, strength and balance, all whilst casually puffing a pipe and sporting the stiffest of British upper lips. The act mixes their highly skilled stunts with a dry English wit, unexpectedly climaxing with the two hilariously baring near-all for Queen and country and in the process displaying more pure sex appeal than ever before seen under a bowler hat.

Hailing from Spain via Croydon, Ursula Martinez is a renowned writer, actress and cabaret performer. Her cult striptease act with its mischievous disappearing hanky is a jaw-dropping sensation. From high brow to low brow and from live art to loquacious party tricks, Martinez treads where few performers dare to go, with the audience right there along for the ride. Expect to emerge from her act with a rudimentary knowledge of bawdy Spanish and a surprising awareness of anatomy.

Hailing from Berlin and originally trained as a gymnast, David Omer has been a cornerstone of this dysfunctional family for many years. His now world-famous incarnation as ‘Bath Boy’ leaves audiences damp and breathless in admiration – the combination of wet jeans and awe-inspiring aerial ballet is once-seen, never-forgotten. David IS the Adonis in denim.

All this and a LOT MORE!  This is a show not to be missed! See them in Brisbane and Melbourne!

La Soiree