FINALLY! Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, by JR WARD

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird (born 1969 in Massachusetts, U.S.A.) is an American novelist. Under her maiden name, Jessica Bird, she writes contemporary romance novels, and as J.R. Ward, she writes paranormal romance. 

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an ongoing series of paranormal romance books by author J. R. Ward. The series focuses on six vampire brothers and warriors who live together and defend their race against Lessers, de-souled humans who threaten their kind. The first book in the series was published in 2005.
 Her next book in the series, coming out Spring 2013, is about 2 gay vampire warriers!!  Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
One fan says, “They’ve  (Blay and Qhuinn) been in all her books so far and you can see the relationship develop and the one refusing to accept what he is.  JR WARD  is a fantastic writer. The most interesting part is JR’s fans had comments as to whether or not they wanted her to get these guys together (which a lot of us did) but some did not want her writing a book about them because they are gay. 

We were happy to see she is doing a full book rather than nothing or just a short story. The series is about the Brotherhood, vampire fighters so it is interesting to see these guys that are killers, over 6′ tall, with peircings and tats have this love story. I cannot wait!”

This eleventh novel in the stunning #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series–the hotly anticipated story that finally unites Blay and Qhuinn…forever.

A few weeks ago, On her Facebook page, J.R. Ward teases us with a bit from the forthcoming Lover at Last, which gives us Qhuinn and Blaylock’s story:

Qhuinn was vaguely aware that his chest was pumping up and down and
that his hands had become fists-“Pull the f*ck over!” he screamed as he
slammed the dashboard hard enough to send one of the air vents flying.

The flatbed was wrenched over and the brakes squealed as their
velocity slowed. But Qhuinn was out of there. Dematerializing, he
escaped through the crack in the window… along with Blay’s exhale.

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Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood