Hottie Swimmer Tom Daley gets WET and Nearly Naked in his Calender

Tom Daley reveals pictures from his official 2013 calendar

By Shaun Knittel
Best Gay News
 Magazine Staff Writer

Tom Daley, the 18-year-old Olympic medalist, who recently
spoke of his interest in a potential film career, released photos where he
appears topless and soaked in water, September 26 in a series of snaps from the
upcoming calendar, his first official one.

“The one on the front cover where I’m covered in water
was really funny to do,” said Daley, “Someone had to pour a bucket of
water over me, it wasn’t cold, it was sort of lukewarm. It took a few takes to
get it right though because the water needed to be in the right place.”

In other pictures Daley can be seen mid-dive during the
London 2012 Olympics and holding up his bronze medal, which the Devon-born
diver says is his favorite picture.
“I’m going to give it to all my friends at Christmas;
it will be a funny present. My friends all think the calendar is really
funny,” Tom adds. “It’s a mick take almost. It’s the first calendar
I’ve done and it was good fun. I really enjoyed it and I just hope people like

“It really just sums up my year. There are a couple of Olympic-themed pictures so it’s a good souvenir too.”
The British diver who won bronze at the London 2012 Olympics and became a national hero in the UK, has always had his sexual orientation called into question.

For the record, Daley hasn’t declared he is gay or straight. 

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